Meet your third wheel!

My name is Carissa Joy and I have a passion for documenting love stories.

The film above describes my approach to my work and why I am so passionate about capturing memories. Beyond what is said there about my personal and professional life, you can likely find me at a third wave coffee shop in New York City any day of the week, either working away, catching up with a friend, or spending sweet time with my partner Viet. Coffee + people brings me all the happy fuzzy feelings!

Let's talk!


If you are local to NYC can we PLEASE get a cup of joe & discuss your vision in real life? That would be my biggest joy. Some of my favorite coffee shops in NYC include (but are not limited to): Hungry Ghost, The Coffee Project, Devoción, and Variety Coffee. I would be happy to meet you at any of these or your personal favorite - I love adding new cafes to my list :')) If you find yourself in Lisbon you gotta try out Copenhagen Coffee Company (get the espresso tonic, it will change your life). My fave in Paris is Nuance Cafe, Amsterdam's Toki Cafe hits the spot, and Edinburgh goes hard with Union Lab Brew. I hope that as I do more travel work I get to add to my list of favorite coffee shops around the world!


One of the biggest things that makes my heart feel alive is having a conversation with a new person & discovering new aspects of human nature that I have yet to consider. Each person is so divinely unique that I will never grow tired of hearing from every person I interact with - be it a stranger at a bar, the person I sit next to on a plane, or the tourist who asks me for directions. I desire meaningful connection with every soul I interact with, both in my professional & my personal life. I grew up in a very homogenous culture in the middle of Oklahoma. Since moving to NYC & having the privilege of traveling worldwide, my eyes have been open to the diversity of life there is to experience. I want to grow in curiosity with every year of my life, & to always be curious about the life story of those I meet.


Long walks have become a favorite pass time of mine. Not only is it a fantastic way to discover a new city or make an old city new, it also opens up my brain in ways few other activities do. Walking around an undiscovered to me neighborhood in Queens or Brooklyn, wandering around with no destination in mind, is how I have discovered some of my most treasured NYC establishments. I find that my thoughts clear out when I am not focused on my Apple Maps (yes I am team Apple Maps) route, and I can actually do some internal processing about what I am experiencing in life. Then I like to settle at a new cafe, take out my journal, & write about the things & people I observe. These practices center me.

Odds are that if I have the honor of photographing your wedding day, my partner Viet will join us for backup and as a professional fourth wheel. We quite enjoy this kind of thing.

Viet & I both prefer being behind the camera (not hard to guess by the fact that we rarely look at the camera haha). But most weekends we take our film cameras out on the streets of NYC, & every time we travel we have our film cameras in hand. Here are some of the photos we've taken of each other for fun over the years :'))


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Can you tell that we love coffee? ;))