It was such an honor to be your wedding Photographer,

& I am so excited to partner with you two in making a photo album to treasure all the special memories you made on February 18, 2023.

Below, I will include three options of vendors we can make your album through. I will let you know what type of "vibe" they give off, what the price is, as well as include a link to the website in case you want to look at their other offerings.

After you two choose an option, I will ask that you favorite images in your wedding gallery that you would like to be included in the album. I will recommend a number to favorite based on the number of pages you choose to go with for the book (the higher the number, the higher the amount of photos but also the higher the investment).

Artifact Uprising // starting at $299 for a 10x10

I use Artifact Uprising for my own personal photo albums. They are a high quality product with a minimalistic vibe.

  • Starting price comes with 20 pages
  • 2-3 photos per page
  • $7.00 per added page

Zola // starting at $259 for a 10x10

Zola is the bedrock of the wedding industry. While I do not have experience myself with them, I have never heard any complaints about their products. They also seem to be the most cost beneficial out of the three options.

  • Starting price comes with 20 pages
  • 2-3 photos per page
  • $4.50 per added page

PikPerfect // starting at $299 for a 12x12

What I love about this option is that there are tons of different ways you can do the cover of the album. You could make the whole cover a photo of you two, you could make it linen with text, or leather with an engraving. While the second two cost an additional $30ish, it may be worth it depending on the vibe you two are going for!

  • Starting price comes with 24 pages
  • 2-3 photos per page
  • $8.00 per added page



Take time going through your whole wedding album & favorite the images you will want in your wedding album. Doing this first will help inform your decision on which album you go with, because the investment will look different based on whether you want 100 photos or 200 photos!


Go through the three different sites. See the different variations they can offer, maybe look at an example or two on their website, then let me know which vendor you want me to go with!


Depending on which vendor you choose, I will go through & make a list of all the different decisions I need from you (what size book do you want, what color do you want the cover to be, what writing do you want on the front, how many pages do you want, etc.) & once you have those answers to me I will start on importing your chosen images into the album!


After I finish the whole album, I can either 1) take a screen recording of my computer & send you two what the layout is going to look like or 2) you can choose to go with whatever my judgment is & be surprised when the album arrives in the mail - I will not be offended either way haha.

Once the album is finalized,

I will confirm your home address once more & invoice you two for the cost of the album, then before you know it, you'll hear your apartment buzz with a special delivery!