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One of our greatest honors as a wedding photographer is getting to be in the moments that are often private to most of the world. Be it Bettina putting on some finishing touches on makeup, laughing with your friends who surround you as you get ready, or Manfred putting on his suit jacket, I love capturing these moments to be treasured for years to come.

As you & your closest friends get ready, be it at a hotel or at the venue, many precious moments are shared. Champagne toasts & uncontrollable laughter, each of which will be captured by our ready eyes.

2: First look (if you choose to have one) + Bride & Groom Photos

The first look is such a special experience for both of you. We will capture the raw emotion of seeing each other in your wedding attire for the first time, & allow you some space to soak in the moment together, capturing your candid smiles & kisses, before we start taking prompted portraits.

I will give you two prompts that help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, as well as play off your natural energy together to capture moments that are authentically you. We will take candid photos of laughter, as you two feel comfortable enough to be your truly fun selves, as well as classic bride & groom photos to hang on your walls.


Family photos are such a joy. I do not want this to be a mundane part of your celebration that causes any headaches, but, instead, right before the ceremony, that will undoubtedly come as you two prepare for the ceremony. Then (depending on your run of show) we will move into taking group photos of different variations of family members & get these done in an efficient manner so we can continue on with the rest of your day.

We will then make sure there is some solid time set aside to take photos just with the bridesmaids, just with the groomsmen, & then with the whole wedding party. However, our team memorizes the faces of your family & wedding party intentionally, to always be looking for completely candid moments shared between you two & your core group of people.


The ceremony is such a beautiful time of showcasing your commitment in front of those closest to you. For me & my associates, we will not just capture the walks down the aisle & your first kiss, but also the way Manfred smiles as Bettina gives her vows, & the way your friend from college tears up as you two say yes to forever with each other.

If you move forward with us, we will approach every moment with an intentional & artistic heart, & capture moments of each of your favorite people bearing witness to the love commitment you are making to each other. You are bringing all your people together to Antigua for a reason, which is why we also capture their reactions throughout your heartfelt ceremony.

5: cocktail hour + mingling

Mingling photos are the bread & butter of our work. When I cull through the thousands of photos my associates & I take during a wedding day, some of my biggest smiles come from seeing those in between moments we captured. Whether it is a hug, laughter, a cheers between two people, or anything else that unfolds, I am here for every moment that would have gone unnoticed if it were not for our cameras.

From every moment, planned or unplanned, we will be there to capture a documentarian like, perspective, so that when you two look through your finished gallery it truly feels like you are reliving the day all over again.

Also, you better believe I will be on the lookout to ensure your glass stays full. Whenever I see it running low, I'll be walking right over to the bartender to grab a gin & tonic for Bettina & a beer for Manfred ;))

6: Dinner + party time

What better way to celebrate than in the company of those closest to you over a good meal?! Food is at the center of so much community, & beautiful moments of laughter occur when sharing in a good meal. As the ruins make the perfect background for a magical & romantic evening, we will be right there capturing all the candid memories that take place. I will also capture all the stolen kisses at the dinner table between you both, as candlelight sets the vibe for an intimate setting.

What is a wedding if not the party of a lifetime?! After those slow dances are had, & your toasts are made, we will be getting on that dance floor with you all to celebrate the life you two are starting together. From your friend from college who is dougie-ing like nobody's business, to your sibling who is busting out their best moves, as your photographer, I will have my most comfortable shoes on, so I can stay on my feet all evening & not miss a single moment.

Below are some film photos from previous weddings & elopements.

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Investment Proposal for Digital & Film: $7,700 for a wedding weekend in December 2024.

The Carissa Joy Photo treatment is one that takes a real look at who you are as a couple, & documents your wedding day authentically to who you are. I hope you feel that already by the fact that I have mostly included happy imagery in this proposal that is focused on authentic emotions & show the intimacy that can be cultivated during a wedding day, through hugs & laughter & unique connection. I also included some photos from a botanical garden wedding & a casual elopement in St. Andrews Scotland, as it is my hopes the architecture in those images can give you an idea of what I would capture in the stunning ruins of Antigua.

Film has a special character to its images. It is not just a trend making its way through the current wedding zeitgeist, it is a timeless practice of capturing love in an authentic way. I genuinely think that film photography is the most romantic way to capture a wedding, as the character of the images give off warm vibes & are inherently both nostalgic & timeless. The practice of film photography brings such intentionality to the moment, that can be felt & experienced when you receive the photos once developed.

This proposal includes three rolls of film for the wedding, one roll of film for the welcome party, an additional photographer who specializes in film to be there to capture it all, & Carissa's personal photography service for both days. We deliver each film photo taken, even if it is slightly out of focus or blurred, because that is the magic of film photography - "mistakes" are made beautiful.

(Contractually you will be obliged 4 rolls of film, which is a guaranteed 136-144 film images, 3 hours of coverage for the welcome party (minimum of 70 photos per hour), & 8-10 hours of coverage on your wedding day which is a guaranteed 560-700+ digital (70/hr) photos. However, I am a big fan of the under promise & over deliver sentiment, & deliver 800-1,200 digital photos on average for an 8-10 hour wedding day.)

Investment Proposal for Digital: $6,700 for a wedding weekend in December 2024.

If the investment for film photography is not as important for you two, then just going with digital photography is an incredible option! We will still provide you with the same amount of service & attention to detail that will make your wedding day authentically you.

(With this package, you will still be contractually guaranteed the same amount of digital photos for both events, & my heart to over deliver remains the same.)

What would travel/accommodation costs look like?

All travel costs would be invoiced to you both once we book. Before booking any flights, car rentals or Airbnbs/hotels, I will get them approved by you both. If you two go with film also, my film associate will join me on the same flight, but then we can share cars & housing, so the only additional cost will be the flight.

I did a brief search on flights & housing, & it looks like flights could be as low as $325, so if you do film & digital all costs together will likely be around an additional $1,200, & if you just go with digital it will likely be around an additional $850.

Additional Costs that would be agreed upon in the contract: $500/hour & $250/roll of film for any additional rolls of film.

If at any point in the planning process you two decide you want more hours of coverage or additional rolls of film, I will have this agreement written in our contract giving you two the space to scale up the services at any point!

Whether you have more questions or you are ready to book one of the options, let me know!

I am here to address any area you might be confused on or bring more clarity to each proposal. BUT if you are ready to full send it on either of these proposals, PLEASE do not hesitate to text me, because you already know I will be doing a happy dance as I write up your contract & send it your way.

Once you are ready to book you will...

1) Sign the contract I send over.

The contract is pretty simple & straight forward. It is designed to not just protect our business, but also you to, as all of Carissa Joy Photo's promises will be written down in this contract. From services performed, to editing, & editing schedules, we both will sign the contract to ensure we are on the same page + all of our needs are met. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of it, my team & I are happy to answer!

2) Put down a 30% deposit.

Details about the 30% deposit will be in the contract. Once I receive the retainer, I will mark the date of your wedding off on my calendar, so that if any other potential clients inquire with me for that day, I can confidently tell them, "So sorry, but I already have a stunning wedding with an amazing couple scheduled for that day!"

3) Jump up & down for joy with me.

Once the contract is signed & the deposit is paid, I am OFFICIALLY your photographer! What an honor that will be & I truly cannot wait to make this happen. I am confident in the beauty we will capture together, both the planned & the unplanned moments. So many priceless photos come from in between, candid moments, & I will be right by your side to photograph each one.

Once we have your wedding on the books,

I will be here with you every step of the planning process. I am here to help talk through the schedule, & how photos can work in to both get every moment you want captured, while also giving you two time to be present with your guests. I have a widespread network, so I can get a list of Guatemalan vendors to recommend, be it florists for a good bouquet & boutonniere or a makeup artist to get you feeling good at the beginning of the day. Anything else that arises, no matter how small or big, consider me your wedding veteran to give you all the tips on ensuring your day is as intimate & happy as you envision it to be.