*35mm film photos can be viewed toward the end of this blog post

Veronica & Michael inquired with us back in September & our initial call is just as clear in my mind today as it was when we hung up.

Throughout their inquiry form was one theme — intentionality. Their venue was chosen because of how meaningfully the Battery Park area is to them, they decided to have no wedding party because they wanted everyone they invited to be close enough to them that they could call their entire guest list their wedding party, & they curated an amazing playlist for their DJ.

For their first look, their location was incredibly important to them.

Not only is the FiDi/Seaport area where their love first flourished, but these arches are where, in the 20th century, New York's City Hall was. The same City Hall both of their parents had their own wedding ceremonies.

The sentimentality of the arches made it the perfect intentional location for the first time they would look into each other's eyes on their wedding day.

Their relationship really began with quiet walks throughout their neighborhood, momentarily stopping to admire the sights Seaport & Battery Park have to offer.

Naturally, we drew on those memories as we took photos at a hot dog cart on one corner of Battery Park, throughout the trails where we even ran into some of Veronica's family, & with the Statue of Liberty shining behind them.

Next came their ceremony, & into their reception time. This is really where their intentionality shined through.

Because they only invited friends & family that are close enough to them that they would consider them part of their wedding party, there was no shortage of beautifully candid hugs, laughter, & good times between not just the guests with the couple, but between guests themselves as well.

Veronica & Michael also opted to add on film photography to their wedding photography services.

In line with their over all vision for intentionality, 35mm film is one of the most intentional forms of artistic practices. The character of the images give off warm vibes & are inherently both nostalgic & timeless. The practice of film photography truly brings such intentionality to the moment, that can be felt & experienced when you receive the photos.