Look, NYC winters are cold. We may have started 2023 with a couple of eerily warm days, coming in at 60°F, but I doubt we will see that weather again until March at the earliest.

Styling winter looks with scarves, oversized coats, & a turtleneck can definitely be a vibe. But does getting your photos taken in the winter months mean that is all you are limited to for your wardrobe, unless you want to freeze your ass off? Not in our book.

There are countless indoor spots all throughout the boroughs that will give you romantic, warm images, that you will be thrilled to put on your save the dates, or post to social media for you & your partner's 5th anniversary. Here are our top three indoor spots we've already taken past client photos at that will allow you two to huddle into each other from a place of affection rather than a place of searching for body warmth (& read till the end to see a bonus bucket list location we would love to have a session at someday... maybe with you & your love;)).


Let's talk about the magic of in home sessions first.

Our favorite thing about photographing couples is helping them to feel comfortable in front of the camera & provide images that feel authentic to who they are as a couple. It will become clear how we fulfill this mission through each of these indoor location ideas. For in home sessions, it is so special to photograph our clients' love in the home they've built together, doing the things they do in their home every day. Whether it is cuddling on the couch, making coffee in the morning, or lighting palo santo, there are unlimited ways we can photograph your love in its most real state, by doing the things you do every day. Jamina & Esaie chose to do their maternity session in their home, so their child could one day look at images taken in the location they first called home. Esther & Bram decided to get ready for their elopement together in their apartment, so they could do their morning routine, & help each other put finishing details on their looks, all in the comfort of the place they call home together.

As for studio sessions, you have an opportunity to build something together that feels uniquely you. Many studios have embellishments in a warehouse like space, that could speak to your grungy heart, & others are a blank slate, where you can make art in whatever way you please. Prim & Jack had their artistic sister Ruby put together this unique set for their couples session, & we are so in love with how it turned out. Studios present an amazing space for us all to stay warms, as well as us to partner with you to create a set from scratch to express your wildest Pinterest vision.

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It is such an honor to hear new stories of how two people's love first began on a weekly basis. 9 times out of 10, a first date or meeting occurred at a bar or coffee shop. Even if a couple's first date was not in a bar or coffee shop, though, there tends to be one that is thoroughly apart of a couple's routine.

Suzanne & Will, first met when he was interviewing to fill an empty room in Suzanne's apartment. None of Suzanne's current roommates could make it to the interview, which ended up being the perfect atmosphere for their chemistry to form. After Will passed the interview with flying colors, their love started to form when they would frequent coffee shops & delis in Brooklyn Heights together. So we did just that for their engagement session.

Whitney & Matthew were friends for nearly a decade before they went on their first date. Matthew knew that since they had crossed the boundary of being "just friends" by agreeing to a first date together, he had to make it one worth the risk. He took Whitney on a speakeasy tour throughout Manhattan, starting at the infamous Garret West, atop Five Guys in the West Village. Two years later, he proposed in that same spot. It only made sense that we end their engagement session at the same speakeasy.

You & your partner may not have a coffee shop or bar that has this much imbued meaning in it. That does not mean we cannot choose one as a part of your engagement/couples session location! Alyona & Greg, & Sophie & Chris have neighborhoods that mean more than a specific coffee shop or bar do to them. After they booked with me, I worked with them to locate the perfect, most picturesque spot for them to create a new memory together in a neighborhood that carries so much nostalgia for them already.

What bar or coffee shop comes to mind first when thinking of one's meaningful to you & your partner?

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The first time I saw another photographer take photos of her clients in an art gallery, I knew I wanted to do that with one of my clients one day. Now I've done it with three! I am so amazed at how each time I've visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art there are brand new corners I never noticed before for us to explore. Even in the galleries & exhibits I've already taken photos in, there is still so much to discover.

& EVEN YET, there are dozens of museums throughout New York's boroughs & this is the only one my clients & I have worked in! So whether you & your partner want to be added to my MET repertoire, or you two are a modern art type of fan & want to go to the MOMA or take some stunning photos on the Whitney's balconies, or you & your partner want to recreate a night at the museum moment by doing your session at the Natural History Museum, I am so down to go wherever your creative heart leads us.

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New York is a never ending resource of creative & different places for your indoor session.

At the end of the day, when it comes to choosing where you do yours, all that really matters is that it feels authentic to who you two are as a couple. I am not going to make you fit into a vision that you do not hold. My job is to make your vision come alive. & if you are a bit lost, then my job is to brainstorm and story board with you till we find a vision that makes your heart come alive!

Inquire now & we can get started on the vision board ;))