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City Hall is not all that picturesque, but the rooms will undoubtedly light up with the love you two have for each other. We will photograph the signing of your marriage license, moments waiting on the couches, & the moment you two say "I do" to forever.


I will give you two prompts that help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, as well as play off your natural energy together to capture moments that are authentically you. We will take candidly posed wedding photos & authentic photos of joy that you will want to make your phone lock screen. We can dance in the middle of the streets, take some direct flash photos in the subway, & stop on different street corners for classic New York imagery.

Location 3: deli

Deli's are the backbone of New York City. We can take some natural looking photos that mock a grocery run of sorts, then let you two order a bacon, egg, & cheese bagel or classic chopped cheese sandwich. Once we have your orders, we can sit on the stoop outside the deli for some absolutely iconic photos of you two eating your NYC dishes with the deli in the background.

LOCATION 4: streets of the west village

In my mind, the West Village needs to be our longest stop. The streets are the most classic NY in all of Manhattan. We can sit on brownstone stoops, & walk across tree-lined streets. I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand, so I will take you two spots that have backgrounds that will naturally enhance your authentic interactions, for perfectly real images.

Location 5: Bar or cafe

New York has some lovely European style cafe seating at both coffee shops & bars, so we can get your go to orders to take some Parisian like photos outdoors as we brave the cold. Then we can go inside for some photos of you two celebrating, & cheers-ing to your marriage!


I have tons of friends who have different types of rooftops throughout Queens & Brooklyn. If you want the grungy Brooklyn vibe, we can hit up Williamsburg. Or, if you want the high end, luxury building vibe, we can go to my friend's place in Long Island City. We can have a picnic at either spot & top off our time together with some champagne!

Ending on a rooftop would be such a sweet way to conclude our photo coverage, as you two overlook the Manhattan skyline as the sunsets.

Below are some more film photos from previous weddings, an elopement, & sessions.

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Film Investment added on for either option: $600 in fall/winter 2023.

Film has a special character to its images. It is not just a trend making its way through the current wedding zeitgeist, it is a timeless practice of capturing love in a whimsical & raw way. I genuinely think that film photography is the most romantic way to capture a wedding, as the character of the images give off glowy vibes & are inherently both nostalgic & timeless. The practice of film photography brings such intentionality to the moment, that can be felt & experienced when you receive them once developed.

This proposal includes three rolls of film, an additional photographer who specializes in film to be there to capture everything for all hours, the editing of all 108 film images, & 70+ digital images per hour. We deliver each film photo taken, even if it is slightly out of focus or blurred, because that is the magic of film photography - "mistakes" are made beautiful.

Digital Investment for 3.5 hours: $2,350 in fall/winter 2023 ($2,950 with film).

The Carissa Joy Photo treatment is one that takes a real look at who you are as a couple, & documents your wedding day authentically to who you are. I hope you feel that already through the way I have included mostly photos that could translate to a natural, slow-paced NYC elopement, with candid laughter all throughout. My team & I believe we are best suited for you, because of the way we specialize in the in between moments, both big & small, so we hope to help make that vision come to life for you in both digital & film.

3.5 hours would ensure that you two make the most of getting photos in New York City after flying halfway across the world to be here, while also taking your time in each location we go to, whether it is 2, 4, or 6 locations in all.

We guarantee 70+ fully edited images per hour, which would give you 245+ images in your final wedding gallery.

Digital Investment for 2.5 hours: $1,850 in fall/winter 2023 ($2,450 with film).

2.5 hours will not give us as much time to bask in each moment, but knowing you two, it may not matter! If staying present to the moment, & only getting to a location or two, is more essential than adventuring through multiple locations that showcase the city, then you can definitely go with this option!

Our same heart for capturing the big & small moments will serve you on your most important day.

As always, we guarantee 70+ fully edited images per hour, which would give you 175+ images in your final wedding gallery.

Whether you have more questions or you are ready to book one of the options, let me know!

I am happy to address any area you might be confused on or bring more clarity to each proposal. BUT if you are ready to full send it on either of these proposals, PLEASE do not hesitate to text me, because you already know I will be doing a happy dance as I write up your contract & send it your way.

Once you are ready to book you will...

1) Sign the contract I send over.

The contract is pretty simples & straight forward. It is designed to not just protect our business, but also you to, as all of Carissa Joy Photo's promises will be written down in this contract. From services performed, to editing, & editing schedules, we both will sign the contract to ensure we are on the same page + all of our needs are met. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of it, my team & I are happy to answer!

2) Put down a 30% deposit.

Details about the 30% deposit will be in the contract. Once I receive the retainer, I will mark the date of your wedding off on my calendar, so that if any other potential clients inquire with me for that day, I can confidently tell them, "So sorry, but I already have a stunning elopement with an amazing couple scheduled for that day!"

3) Jump up & down for joy with me.

Once the contract is signed & the deposit is paid, I am OFFICIALLY your photographer! What an honor that will be & I truly cannot wait to make this happen. I am confident in the beauty we will capture together, both the planned & the unplanned moments. So many priceless photos come from in between, candid moments, & I will be right by your side for however many hours you choose, to photograph each one.

Once we have your elopement on the books,

I will be here with you every step of the planning process. I will plan out a route/schedule & show it to you two as we go to ensure I do not miss any locations you want photographs in. I have a list of vendors I can recommend, be it florists for a good bouquet & boutonniere or a makeup artist to get you feeling good at the beginning of the day. Anything else that arises, no matter how small or big, consider me your NYC local to give you all the tips on ensuring your day is as present as you envision it to be.