okay real talk only... photos are expensive. i get it.

but the photos we create together are an investment in your now and in your future. These are the photos you will use to reminisce on your 50th anniversary, the ones you will frame in your home, the photos your children will ask to see and your friends will want to peruse through with you! I take my work very seriously, & guarantee that I will not just capture you down on one knee, but also your partner's facial reaction & the tears that are delicately wiped from their face. I will not just capture your walk down the aisle, but also that look of pride on your wedding party's face that their best friend is getting married to the person of their dreams. Photos are not just about those big moments that most anyone could see & then capture. Love photography is about the moments that could so easily go unnoticed, if it were not for my trained eye that will quickly capture each fleeting moment.

You deserve to have a wholistic photo tribute to your most beautiful days & that is what my team is promising to deliver for you.

Ultimately, I will work with you to create an investment proposal that serves you perfectly and ensures you have all the services you could need leading up to & on your wedding day. Below you can find a general guide, but reach out to me to further discuss how we can create a customized package for you!



From the moment you put on your first brush of makeup, to when you are putting on your tie, to the walks down the aisle, and the partying on the dance floor. I will not just capture every moment but also the feeling in the moment.

starting at $6,500


Has a big traditional wedding never felt like you? Would you rather your celebration of love be an intimate affair between you & your partner (& perhaps a few close loved ones)? Then you may be an elopement couple & that gets me SO excited.

Starting at $2,500


Are you about to pop the question to your partner, and want a photographer there to capture the surprise moment? Or are you two celebrating a special anniversary or just want to commemorate this season of life? Then I am your person!

Starting at $650


Your joy is sexy - let's celebrate it! Whatever your reason, I want to provide you with photos that make you feel beautiful.

*Only available for clients I've worked with before, future wedding clients, & those I know personally.



Film is a beautiful way to add to the nostalgia of your session, elopement, or wedding. Whether you add on one, two, or five film rolls, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the magic this medium creates.

Starting at $200


New headshots? Celebrating another year around the sun? Ready to kickstart your elevated social media presence? Let's freaking do it.

Starting at $500

What my clients are saying

What my clients are saying

Niya & Carlos // New York

Niya & Carlos // New York

This woman here is top tier. Aside from capturing our wedding day beautifully, she is the kindest person I've ever met. She helped me pack up my entire hotel room in an hour, she carried my veil on the streets of NYC, she offered us time to stop and take things in, and she stood out in the middle of Hurricane Ida just to capture picture for us. She did more than required without a single complaint. Thank you Carissa <3."

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Do you Travel?

ABSOLUTELY. Whether I hop on the LIRR for your Long Island wedding or dash over to JFK for a transatlantic flight, I am 100% down to travel wherever you want me. I recommend filling out my contact form so we can hop on a call where I can give you an idea of what the travel costs will be depending on your destination.

How long have you been doing this?

Since summer of 2020! What a crazy year for all of us, I know. I am so thankful that it led to me having time to really focus on my work. What a joy it was to capture intimate love ceremonies during a turbulent time, and what a joy it is to continue that work in many different shapes & sizes now that the world is open once again!

How many photos do we get?

In general, 50-70 images per hour that I am taking photos. For example, that would mean 400-560 (guaranteed per my contract) delivered to you in your wedding gallery for a full 8 hour wedding. If you want more or less for an 8 hour wedding, we can hop on the phone & discuss your own personalized packaging & rates.

How do we get our photos?

An online gallery through Pixieset :')) I will have them all organized by "Getting Ready Photos"/"Venue Details"/"Ceremony" etc. so you & your loved ones can easily enjoy reliving the day.

Do you retouch photos?

Those stubborn pimples always show up at the WORST time don't they?! For this reason, included in my rates, I do minor face touch. However, I do not make changes to the shape of people's bodies or faces.

Whats your turn around time?

For a couples or portrait session, it is 1-2 weeks, for an elopement it is about 1 month, & for a wedding it is 1-2 months.

How do we book you?

Fill out the applicable contact page (wedding contact, couples contact, or portrait contact), then we will have a consultation call or two, & I will send you a proposed contract after our call. Once that is signed & a deposit is paid you have officially booked me!

Can you help us with planning?

OF COURSE. At this point, I have seen dozens upon dozens of celebrations of love, & I would so enjoy taking the knowledge I have gleaned & using it to help you plan anything from the schedule for your wedding day, what neighborhoods we should explore for your engagement session, or anything else for whatever service you hire me for!

How far out do you book?

For weddings & elopements, I book up to 2 years in advance. For engagement/couples/portrait sessions, I can book a weekday session with you up to 6 months ahead, but because my weekends often get filled with weddings, it is a bit harder to book my weekends. Reach out to me to inquire about my weekend availability closer to your ideal proposal/session date! I am sure we can make something work :'))

What should we do for an engagement session?

Do you have a neighborhood that you especially love to take midday walks through? Or a meaningful cafe where you had one of your first dates? Maybe you & your partner love to ride city bikes, shoot film, & grab some ice cream to just sit in the park. Let me know in your inquiry what places/activities feel most like you & your love, and we can plan your engagement session around those things!

What should we wear?

First & foremost, you should wear something that you feel confident in & that feels like YOU (even if it is a slightly more elevated version of you). Beyond that, I recommend neutral colors, so your outfits do not distract from the smiles on your faces & the beauty of your location. If you want help deciding your fit, I am always available via text to help narrow down your options :'))