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One of my greatest honors as a wedding photographer is getting to be in the moments that are often private to most of the world. Be it Jazzmin putting on some finishing touches on makeup, laughing with your wedding party, or Brandon putting on his suit jacket, I love capturing these moments to be treasured for years to come.

LOCATION 2: City Hall

The San Francisco City Hall is beautiful, & the rooms will undoubtedly light up with the love you two have for each other. We will photograph the signing of your marriage license, you all chatting with your family, & the moment you two say "I do" to forever.

LOCATION 3: The streets of San Francisco

Couples photos are only good in my opinion when they look like genuine moments between the two of you. Because of this, I will give you two prompts that help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, as well as play off your natural energy together to capture moments that are authentically you.

LOCATION 4: restaurant

What better way to cap off our night than celebrating the you two, whether in the company of friends & family or just the three of us! Whether it is posed photos with your family/friends, or candid moments of laughter, I will be there with my eye on watch to catch each joyous moment you all share.

Below is some film from different weddings, elopements, & sessions

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Investment Proposal 1: $2,650 for 4 hours on a weekday in the summer of 2023.

The Carissa Joy Photo treatment is one that takes a real look at who you are as a couple, & documents your wedding day authentically to who you are. I hope you feel that already by the fact that I have mostly included simple imagery in this proposal that also have a documentarian type feel. I believe I am best suited for you, because of the way we specialize in the in between moments, both big & small, so I hope to help make that vision come to life for you in both digital & film.

The home page of my website says "We capture the joy of your love, wherever you are - the big & the small moments." & WOW what a joy that would be to do for you two in San Fransisco. From the "big" moments like your first kiss to the "small" moments like the moments of laughter shared in between, I would have my head on a swivel to capture each one, so that when you look through your wedding gallery after I finish editing it, it will feel like you are reliving your day as it truly was.

I guarantee 60+ photos per hour of coverage, but always overdeliver on this ;'))

Film Investment: Included :'))

Film has a special character to its images. It is not just a trend making its way through the current wedding zeitgeist, it is a timeless practice of capturing love in an old school & raw way.

Photos are the most tangible thing that you will get to take from your wedding day to truly remember your love & commitment & the memories you shared. Film does this in a way that is instantly nostalgic & classy, & for couples who value that vibe, it is an immeasurable gift to have in their wedding gallery.

While right now, our film add on starts at $600 for wedding celebrations, we want to provide this to you at no extra cost because our success in the film space is in large part thanks to you two! After we made the post on my Instagram with your film, we have been consistently booking weddings & engagement sessions with this add on. Including it in our services to you two is the least we can do as a thank you <3

This includes three rolls of film - each roll of film includes 34-36 images & we deliver each one.

What would travel/accommodations costs look like?

Either 1) I could book flights & invoice it to you two in addition to the $2,650 for your photography services or 2) you two could book it on your own for me, giving you two the opportunity to use points if you prefer/earn points with your credit card purchase.

Housing accommodations will thankfully come at no extra cost, as once you have a date I can ask around to Viet's parents/cousins for a place to stay, so I am thankful I can get that covered for you two!

Extra hours of coverage: $400

If at any point in the planning process you two decide you would want more hours of coverage, I would have this cost agreed upon in our contract to allow you flexibility anytime leading up to the date.

Whether you have more questions or you are ready to book one of the options, let me know!

I am here to address any area you might be confused on or bring more clarity to each proposal. BUT if you are ready to full send it on either of these proposals, PLEASE do not hesitate to text me, because you already know I will be doing a happy dance as I write up your contract & send it your way.

Once you are ready to book you will...

1) Sign the contract I send over.

The contract is pretty simple & straight forward. It is designed to not just protect our business, but also you to, as all of Carissa Joy Photo's promises will be written down in this contract. From services performed, to editing, & editing schedules, we both will sign the contract to ensure we are on the same page + all of our needs are met. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of it, my team & I are happy to answer!

2) Put down a 30% deposit.

Details about the 30% deposit will be in the contract. Once I receive the retainer, I will mark the date of your elopement off on my calendar, so that if any other potential clients inquire with me for that day, I can confidently tell them, "So sorry, but I already have a stunning elopement with an amazing couple scheduled for that day!"

3) Jump up & down for joy with me.

Once the contract is signed & the deposit is paid, I am OFFICIALLY your photographer! What an honor that will be & I truly cannot wait to make this happen. I am confident in the beauty we will capture together, both the planned & the unplanned moments. So many priceless photos come from in between, candid moments, & I will be right by your side for however many hours you choose, to photograph each one.

Once we have your elopement on the books,

I will be here with you every step of the planning process. I will plan out a route/schedule & show it to you two as we go to ensure I do not miss any locations you want photographs in. I have a list of vendors I can recommend, even in the bay area, be it florists for a good bouquet & boutonniere or a makeup artist to get you feeling good at the beginning of the day, if that is something you two are interested in also. Anything else that arises, no matter how small or big, consider me your elopement expert to give you all the tips on ensuring your day is as simple & authentic as you envision it to be.